Our Christian walk

Psalms 119:33,38

The Christian Life ais a walk that implies a Journey. Here we have no continuing city; we are pilgrims and strangers on the earth: sojourners with

the Lord.

When God’s people settled in the land of promise, their business was not to give themselves up to the enjoyment of the world, but to serve God in holiness and righteousness, and to depend upon Him for their support and defence against their enemies.

The greatest favourites of Heaven, who had the best title to inherit the earth, considered this life only as a pilgrimage towards a better home.

Abraham sojourned in the land of promise as in a strange country, where he was not at home; and “dwelt in tabernacles,” but “looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God, “But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.(Heb.11:16).

The Christian implies Self denial. “If any will come after Me,” said Jesus, “let him deny himself” (Mt.16:24).

The principles of our Christian life are: First. To have a sincere desire to belong to Christ-If any man be willing to be my disciple. Secondly. To renounce self dependence, and selfish pursuits, Let him deny himself. Thirdly. To embrace the condition which God has appointed, and bear the troubles and difficulties we may meet with in walking the Christian road,Let him take up his cross. Fourthly. To imitate Jesus, and do and suffer all in his spirit, let him follow me.

The Christian implies separation. (Col.3:.2). If we be risen with Christ our affections are risen out of the world with Him. This is a very good general rule:

let us be as much in earnest for heavenly and eternal things, as you formerly were for those that are earthly and perishing.

Not on the things of the earth, as wealth, honour, pleasure. Our affections should not be fixed on houses and lands; on scenes of fashion and playfulness; on low and debasing enjoyments.

Whatever we make an idol of, will either be a cross to us if we are believers, or a curse to us if we are unbelievers.

It does matter what we think, we are responsible for our thoughts.

The Christian has to keep his feet upon the earth, but his head in the heavens. We must be heavenly minded here on earth and so help to make earth like heaven.

The Christian implies Suffering. (1.Pet.2:20, 21) “when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God.” When we do our duty conscientiously and suffer for it, we bear it patiently from a regard to the commandment of God, this is an acceptable thing with God.

If any man will live godly he must suffer. The world which hated Christ will not love His friends

Here we have fellowship with His suffering; by and by with His glory.

The Christ life implies Progress.We cannot be standing still while we are walking. “The path of the just is as the shining light, shining more and more unto the perfect day.”

The sphere of this walk is in the heavenlies. We mount up as on eagle wings; then,when we are up, we run and are not weary, walk and are not faint.

We learn to rely upon Christ for strength to bear our burdens, and for deliverance from them in due time.

We shall grow stronger and stronger in faith, in patience, and fortitude, whereby we shall be more than conquerors over all our enemies and adversities.

Be it ours, then, to trust the unseen Lord, and never shall we fail.

Jesus is our Companion in the Walk. It has been said, A crowd is not company: one good companion makes good company. ”

Jesus is our divine companion, “God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people,” (II.Cor.6:16).

While sinners are crying out, Where is God ? the Christian is walking with Him day by day.

The Lord is not as a wayfaring man, who turns aside to tarry as for a night, but he will take up his constant residence with us; “I will dwell in and among them.”

The Lord will be our God and we shall have no other God before him,He will be to us all that an infinite, eternal, and self-sufficient Being can be to his intelligent offspring.

Jesus an Almighty companion to us, “the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.” Gen. 17:1).

Surely these words should hush every doubt, silence every complaint, and calm every fear. Jesus Christ is the Almighty God in flesh, the all Sufficient one.

Upright walking with God is the condition of our interest in his all-sufficiency. If we neglect him, or pretend with him, we forfeit the benefit of our relation to him.

Let us walk before the Lord as one in the presence of our Lord, who is our Judge and our Rewarder, Let us be careful to please and obey him in all things, let us depend upon him for our well-doing and well-being.

The nearer we come to God, the more shall we feel our sinfulness and vileness before him. The spots that were unnoticed in the twilight are very visible in the noon-day.

Reverence and holiness must be upon our heart and countenance when we are standing before our Lord.

When we are found before God in worship, God will be found near us in blessing.

Let us walk before God, without being discouraged, let us be perfect, not wavering or declining, but let us be constantly and entirely dependent on Him, and be devoted to Him.

The heavenly country is better than any thing upon earth; it is better situated, better stored with every thing that is good, better secured from every thing that is evil; the employments, the enjoyments, the society, and every thing in it, are better than the best in this world.

All true believers desire this better country. True faith draws forth sincere and fervent desires; and the stronger faith is the more fervent our desires will be, “as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him, (I.Cor.2:9).

Spiritual people have an inner eye and ear to which the Spirit grants discernment.

Though we have felt and tasted joys unspeakable and full of glory, in the actings of our faith and love God at present; yet all that we have seen and heard, all that we have tasted and felt, in the way to heaven, falls infinitely short of the perfection and blessedness of that place and state.

The eye hath not seen the things that God hath prepared for them that love him; and therefore these spiritual blessings, of remission of sins and salvation by Christ, are things far beyond the reach and apprehension of the eyes, and ears, and hearts of the men of this world.

It is to prove that those who are Christians have true wisdom, or that we have views of truth, and of the excellence of the plan of salvation, which the world has not, and which those who crucified the Lord Jesus did not possess. The thing which he is describing here is not merely the happiness of Christians, but their views of the wisdom of the plan of salvation.

We have views of that which the eyes of other men have not seen; a view of wisdom, and fitness, and beauty, mercy and happiness which can not be found in no other plan. It is found in Jesus Christ our Lord

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