God has made us anew


This life is in Christ Jesus “If any man is in Christ he is a new creation.” This implies that we have fled to Him for shelter and salvation, (Prov.18:10) declares “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.“ David of old stated “For thou hast been a shelter for me.” (Ps.61:3).

The name of the Lord Jesus Christ includes all perfections, it includes the unchangeable mercy, power, wisdom, righteousness, and faithfulness.

All who come to Jesus Christ, by whom alone he is approachable, as our strong tower, will find deliverance from the power of evil.

Whatever enemies attack, or dangers threaten us, his almighty power, his unchangeable faithfulness, his infinite love, will be our support, stability, and comfort.

No guilt can condemn us, no corruption enslave us, no wrath overtake us, no fear dismay us.

Therefour we are safe, eternally safe, let us lean on his everlasting arms, “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” (Jh.10:28).

We are in Christ, as the branch is in the vine, for strength and supply, in Christ, as the member is in the body, for understanding and service.

Note the nature of this new life “A new creation. It is a deliverance in a very radical sense. “We are His workmanship, createdin Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2. 10).

We have been given the pleasure of pleasing Christ who governs the entire world, who therefore takes us into his own particular care and protection; he causes our enemies to be at peace with us according to (Pro.16:7;) “When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

Christ supplies us with all things both for life and godliness; directs and prospers us in all our undertakings.

Christ Jesus allows all things to work together for our good.

We live for Jesus Christ, to us he declares, “Well done, good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”

There is a new life.Born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

Man must be born of the Spirit, Of the Spirit of God, or by the work of the Holy Ghost. The new birth is by the spirit of God. It is spiritual, like the spirit, that is, holy and pure. Here we learn four things….That all men are by nature sinful that none are renewed but by the Spirit of God, if we did t,he work ourself, it would be carnal and impure, that the effect of the new birth is to make us holy, that no person can have evidence that he is born again who is not holy, and just in magnitude as he becomes pure in his life, this is the evidence that he is born of the Spirit

There is a new mind “Renewed in the spirit of the mind” (Eph.4:23)\With the new mind we become able to comprehend the character and power Christ Jesus.

Our outward man, That is, our body-that part of us that can be seen, heard, will be slowly consumed by continual trials and afflictions, and be martyred at last;

Yet the inward man, our soul-that which cannot be felt or seen by others, is renewed-is revived, and receives a daily increase of light and life from God, so that we grow more holy, more happy, and more fitting for glory every day.

It is a good antidote against the fear of death to find, as the body grows old and decays, the soul grows young and is energized.

Paul has described two parts as constituting man, so distinct, that while the one perishes, the other is renewed; while the one is enfeebled, the other is strengthened; while the one grows old and decays, the other renews its youth and is quicken.

When the body dies the whole man is decomposed, and continues so to the resurrection, we must asserts that the decays of the one lead to the renewing of the other;

The body being weak and feeble; loses its energy and physical strength under the many trials which we endure, and under the infirmities of advancing years.

It is a characteristic of the “outer man” that it thus perishes. Great as may be its hardship, yet it must decay and die. It cannot long bear up under the trials of life, and the wear and tear of constant action, but must soon sink to the grave.

The very decomposition of the body itself leaves the soul in the state of renewed youth.

The inward man is renewed, is regenerate and strengthened. Our powers of mind expanded; our courage became bolder; we have clearer views of truth; we have learned to have more faith in God.

As we drew nearer to the grave and to heaven, our soul will be lifted above the world, and we will be more filled with the joys and triumphs of the gospel.

There is a new heart. The affections that were alienated from God are now centred in Him.

There is a new spirit. The Spirit of God now bears witness with our spirits, implying oneness of purpose in service and testimony.

There is a new song, because there has been a new revelation of Divine mercy and grace, (Psa. 40. l-3).

Let us look at the Results of our new life, “The old things are passed away, behold they are become new.”

With the new creation then comes new views of sin.

Sin is now seen to be a crime and a curse, and the old view of it being a debt, or a misfortune, passes away.

There comes also new views of self. Self is now seen to be a worthless, unclean thing, and it too becomes an “old thing” only fit to pass away.

The old unscriptural views of Christpass away, and new Spirit-inspired views take their place.

Jesus Christ is no longer a Saviour waiting for us at a death-bed, but a present, living reality in the daily life.

Old things which used to interest us in the world are passed away, and behold, new interests have been awakened.

In the old life the pleasure and profits of the world were the objects ofour desires, but now the desire is for the salvation of the world.

It used to be the place of amusement for self, but now it is a workshop for Christ.

The Privilege of this new life, “ If any man.” The door into this new and better life stands open for all. “Any man,” no matter how weak and helpless, no matter how sad and sinful, “any man,” no matter how old and forgetful

If he steps out of his sin-ruined self into Christ, will instantly become a new creation. For, in Christ, God is reconciling the world unto Himself.

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