“It is I.”

Mark 6:45,51
There are times that we pass through a sea of troubles. Circumstances without may conspire against us at times.

As Christians we find ours life facing troubles as other men. The unsaved also face many problems in life.

As Christ people we may encounter trouble in the act of obeying Christ. The disciples met with the storm in fulfilling the Lord’s direction. When we are troubled, let us not count it strange.

Jesus observes and cares in times of our troubles.How many times are we unconscious and forgetful of this.

Little did the disciples, as they toiled in rowing, imagine that the eye of the Master was up on them.

From the hill top Jesus witnessed their struggles. The Lord of the waves, suffered their violence.

Christ, his disciples friend, Allowed them to come in to the margin of trial.

Jesus for good reason, allow us to experience difficulty. Yet, Christ is not unmindful and not unmoved.

He thinks of us, watchers over us, sympathizes with us. He may seem absent, but he is not.

Christ’s presence and voice bring comfort and peace to our hearts. Faith discerns that presence, though unseen, that voice, though unheard.

It is I, I who loves you, I who die for you, I who provides for your wants, and watch over your souls, I sent you on life’s voyage, it is I,who am with you always, who now come to seek and save you!

When Jesus says,” Be of good cheer, be not afraid!” his are not empty words, they are words fitted to banish fear, to instill confidence, to inspire courage, to awaken hope.

Jesus’ power and grace bring deliverance to our trouble hearts. We are indebted to Christ for more than sympathy. His tender kindness, his strong promises, his unfailing faithfulness, all issue in practical aid, in gracious intercession.

He is the Lord of all hearts, and can calm the tempests of the soul. He controls all circumstances, and compels all to co-operate for his people’s good.” He maketh the storm a calm,” so he bringeth us to the desired haven.

Christ’s intervention awaken the amazement, reverence, and gratitude of all his people.

Like the twelve, we have often too much reason, when we experience the compassionate interference of our Lord upon our behalf.

Deliverance is just what we ought to have looked for, to have expect with assurance. Oh! for grace, that when the voice from heaven addresses us, “It is I,” Let us respond, ” It is thou, indeed, O Lord, whom we honour, upon whom we call, in whom we trust.

It is thou, whose presence is ever clear, whose voice is ever welcome, whose heart is never cold, and whose help is never far. “And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” (“Ps.50:15)

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