A spiritual need in your life

Titus 2:11,15
There is a need to encourage you to seek after spiritual matter in your life. God has sent the gospel of Jesus Christ your way to help you down life’s road.

Each of you require training in your life, be it physical, intellectual are spiritual instruction. There is so much to learn in our time. The tool that is needed in your life to give you the right spiritual direction is the Bible, the Word of God. It is not science, legislations, philosophy, poetry are arts, but the “grace of God” that is needed in your life. It is in the Lord’s plan to restore you to your rightful standing in Christ “For the grace of God bringeth salvation.”

Salvation is the restoration to the knowledge, to the image and friendship of God, yes this is the aim and work of God’s grace.

The Word of God reveals the love of God to all people and races. “hath appeared to all men.” The gospel is not for a few groups of people, or a few classes of people, it embraces the entire world. “If any man thirst, let hin come unto me, and drink.” (St. John 7: 37)

There is a true process of soul advancement. There must be a renouncing of a wrong course, in other words all that is wrong and sinful in one’s life. There is a need to adopted the right course in one’s life, “We should live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world.” It is not enough to renounce evil, you need to adopted a new way of life. You must learn to master your passion and impulse that is in you.

Let me say that redemption achievement comes from within (Ezekiel 36:26,27) Yes redemption is the awaking of your soul from ignorance to truth and knowledge, from the domination of the devil, from vice to virtue, from self-instrest to love for others, from materialism to spirituality, from the works of the devil to the image and reign of God in your life. The ended of spiritual advancement is total restoration of the inward and outward man.

Christ paid the price for your salvation. Do you know what your greatest possession is? could it be your home, car, money, family, know not one of these things, your greatest possession is your soul. What are millions of dollars, are lord over acres and acres of land compared to the estimation of your soul salvation?

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