Who are you waiting on?

Isaiah 25:9
We have learn that we must wait on God when all is dark, and when many troubles encloses us. Our way is often unclear and we cannot see the future. The Lord bids us to always continue to seek his face and wait on him. The prophet Isaiah stated in verse nine ” This is our God, we have waited for him, and he will save us.”

All around us we see pain and sorrow, yet we must keep a firm hold on truth, faithfulness and the love of God in our heart. When circumstance are against us, the best thing we can do is to wait for God’s answer for our life. David stated, “He is their strength in the time of trouble.” (Psa.37:39)

For Israel Egypt was a time of trouble and a time of waiting for their salvation. Again Israel encircled with peril, they stood at the shore of the Red sea and were bidden to wait on the salvation of God, (Ex. 14:13) Yes once again Israel stood at the foot of Sinai, there they fail to wait and they wonder in the wilderness for forty long years, waiting for admission into the promise land.

Abraham, David, Moses, Simeon and a great host of other people had to wait for the fulfillment of their hopes. There is times when all we can do is wait. There are times when we are put aside from our busy life, times when our way seemed to be walled up, no door would open up for us, no sign of the guiding hand appeared, we can only wait. This is surely true, circumstance are God’s arrangement, and the waiting does God’s work. Yes life is one great waiting time.

We must learn to have the right waiting attitude. First, we need the attitude of pray, we must have an open heart, we must be on-looking and up-looking to our heaven Father, we must be humble, we must have a desire for light and help from the Almighty.

We should have the attitude of expectancy. We must wait in strong faith and assured hope. Yes God’s time to bless us is never more than a little ways off. We must have an attitude of keeping on in the ways of righteousness, we must do right even if it does seem to bring suffering. We need to purpose not to sin in our time of waiting. Now if we faint in spirit, let us take good care never to faint from righteousness.

There is a consolation in our waiting upon our God. We may be quite sure God is in the waiting. As a human being we may not see God there in our time of trouble. Yet he is near in the hour of delay. If the waiting is God, if it belongs to the mysterious ways of the Divine love, then ever waiting time is a blessed time. Waiting can become a gracious agency for the culture of our soul; and oftentimes better things are done for us in the waiting than in the suffering times.

Great lessons of our perfect trust in God are learned in the waiting hours, and “patience gets her perfect work”

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