The preaching of the gospel is a powerful force


Titus 1:1,4


The gospel appears in the world as a mighty and great enterprise. We must keep in minded the foundation of the gospel is not merely truth, thank God it is a saving truth. It was Jesus who stated that the truth would set us free from our sins.


Truth is not to just enlighten our intellect and to discipline our mental faculties, truth will raise the human soul from ignorance to scriptural intelligence, from spiritual bondage to liberty, from selfishness to benevolence, from materialism to spirituality, from the power of darkness to the true and living God.


The preaching of the gospel is devoted to the highest purpose, “According to the faith of God’s elect.” The word elect implies a person or group chosen by God for special favor and for the rending of special service to him.                 

The preaching of the Word of God is for the unsaved and it will promote the faith of God’s elect. What a blessing it is to have the gospel preached to us, in deed we are numbered among the blessed few, we are called the elect of the Almighty God.


The gospel promises us an existence without end, existence without sin, error, sorrow, misery and more than these a endless existence in connection with good and with good only, with knowledge, holiness, liberty and companionship, with the best created spirits and with God himself, eternal life is eternal goodness.


We must also remember that redemption is a gradual revelation. God has a reason for everything in the material world as well as in the moral world, oceans subside and flow, planets perform their revolution, kingdoms rise and fall, generations come and go according to God’s time.


God had a time for the revelation of his redemption truth. the gospel came to the apostle Paul while on the Damascus road. Today the gospel is coming to each of you as you read this message.


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