How great our God is

Isaiah 40:12,18

Isaiah 40:12,18 The greatest things in the material world are nothing to God, (v.12) The ocean, the heaven and the earth, he made them all, (Ps.33:8,9) The greatest minds in the universe are nothing to him, (v.13,14) He is uninstructible, he is independent of all minds, no one counseled him when it come to his laws. His conduct is absolutely irresponsible and he is answerable to no one. The greatest institutions in human society are nothing to him. Nations, monarchs, courts, armies mean nothing to him. Many great powers have pass on with time.

Let me speak to you about the limitless greatness of our God. First, Let’s speak about his magnificence. All that is vast and powerful in the universe, the sea, the heavens, the mountain is small and slight when compared with him. His surrounding, his possession, all speak of his unapproachable glory. Secondly, let us note his power. His boundless strength can hold up the waters in the hollow of his hand “Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand ?” (v.12) Thirdly, Let us take a look at his Almighty power. God is able to do all things because he knows all things. He can tell what is the measure of the dust and the weight of the hill and mountains according to (v.12) He cannot be taught anything by any being, for all knowledge is his already according to (v.14) Fourthly, let us take a look at his great wisdom. Isaiah ask the question in (v.14) “Who hath taught him in the path of judgment?” Perfect wisdom, the secret of right action, of the direction of greatest affairs, of prevision and provision, of ruling and overruling, is all at his command. His wisdom is incapable of increase, it is absolutely complete.

Let us take a look at how little we really are. How meaningless we are “The nations are as a drop in the “bucket,” (v.15) We may find ourselves mean and humble enough when compared with our fell-men, most certainly we do when we bring ourselves, our circumstances, our authority, into comparison with him.

Let us take a look at our powerlessness. How very little can the strongest and most influential men achieve, how must less those who lives are spent in humble realm. How great is our ignorance? We need men to direct our spirit, to counsel us, to teach us knowledge. There are few men from whom we have not something to learn We need to be acquiring knowledge, not in the time specially devoted to study, but all day long and all life through. How much foolishness their is in each of us. We do not know how to conduct our own affairs wisely. We are continually making larger or smaller mistake. How much more so in our conduct of other men’ affairs.

Therefore we do well to retain truest and deepest reverence of spirit, filial confidence and joy in God must always be made consistent with profoundest adoration.

Therefore we do well to accept without question the truth he has revealed to us in his word, we do well to trust his guidance in the direction of our lives, how ever dark and deep some passages may seem, we do well to work on, cheerfully and hopefully and with faith though “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” ( Ja.1:6)
(Ja.1:6) success may appear exceedingly unlikely.


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