An invitation to pray

Jeremiah 33:1

Prayer is a privilege and the Lord calls upon us to pray, “ Call upon me.” Call upon him not for his sake, But for ours. It is in God’s plan to keep up an unbroken communication between heaven and earth on a daily basis.  I. Th. 5: 17 declares “Pray without ceasing.”

If we had no sin to pardoned, no wants to be supplied, no enemies to subdued, if we were as sinless as the first Adam, and as all-sufficient as the last Adam, it would still be our highest duty and privilege to “call upon God.”

Jesus, who was full of God’s spirit, continued all night in prayer. Christ prayed at his baptism and the heavens opened, and the Holy Ghost Descended on him. When Jesus commissioned his disciples he prayed for them. Christ himself went out into a mountain to pray, (Matt. 9: 38) When Jesus was to engage in his last encounter with the prince of this world, he prayed.

Let us take notices of the circumstances of Jeremiah need to pray. This invitation was to the prophet Jeremiah who was a upright man, good men need to pray as well as evil men. All men may pray, but “the supplication of a righteous man that availeth much in its working” (Ja. 5: 16. Therefore a prophet needs to pray.

No man knows so much, or is so advanced spiritually as to be able to relinquish prayer.

The invitation came to Jeremiah while he was incarcerated. Stone walls cannot shut out God from us, nor prevent ours souls from rising in prayer to him. The persecutor cannot rob God’s victim of his choicest jewels.

We must not forget that the lord visits the soul in times of earthly distress. Jeremiah’s invitation came a second time (v. 1) The Lord repeatedly visits his troubled children.

Our prayers of yesterday will not make that of to-day needless. Keep in mind, the invitation to prayer did not bring deliverance from trouble at that time. Though God visited Jeremiah in prison once and again, the prophet remained there.

We have no right to think that when God visits us for good he will remover our earthly trouble. He may find it better to bless us in it.

May I say, the continuance of trouble is no evidence that we are deserted by God.

Let us look at the grounds of this invitation. We can see the manifestation of the Lord’s works all about us. God gives to Jeremiah good grounds for assurance in pray before inviting him to pray.

To pray with faith we must have grounds of confidence. The Lord is the Maker of all things, therefore he has power to make all right again.

The Lord has established the world. Therefore there is a duration in the law, and will, and procedure of God, which no passing accidents can set aside.

Look at the revelation of the Lord’s Holy name, Jehovah, the lord is his Name. This revelation not only suggests the self-existent and eternal supremacy of God. He is infinitely superior to all those evil powers of life feared by we moral. The revelation of God is also associated with the willingness of God to save and to set man free since it was revealed in connection with the deliverance from Egypt, (Ex. 3: 14).

Let us note the object and character of Jeremiah invitation.

It is the Lord who calls upon us to pray, he has invited us to pray, he will hear our prayers and because he has called us to pray, he waits to answer our prayers and bless us.

Our prayers will not be fruitless “Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” (Acts12:5)

The scripture does not represent prayer as a mere subjective exercise, it treats it as a power prevailing with the Lord.

Those who are perplexed are encouraged to call upon the lord. Many mysteries that face us are not eternally hidden. Many hidden mysteries have been revealed (Col.1:26)

If we are seeking for spiritual direction we must be a person of prayer. The deepest spiritual truth is not discoverable by speculation, it is revealed in communion.

It is seen through spiritual thought and understanding of the Lord, aided by his Spirit’s inspiration.

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