Jesus, The True Way

Isaiah 35: 8, 9: The figure of the way was used by Jesus in (St. John 14:6) Jesus is the way to the Father, the way to holiness, the way to salvation, the way to eternal life and glory.

This way is a disclosed way opened to all people, it is not a seclude or private way. The way is an opened way by the authority of the lord of lords.

In all of God’s dealing with man he has been preparing a highway from, bondage to spiritual freedom, from sin to holiness, from guilty selfishness to sacred service, from utter ruin to complete salvation, from earth to heaven, (Acts 2:38)

God was engaged in building this highway when he spake to us through the patriarchs, when he instituted the law, when he gave to us his prophets.

Today, Jesus is the way himself, he is the truth. He, the truth, is the way by which we have a knowledge of the Father and of his will for mankind, He, the Mediator, is the way which we may come into close spiritual contact with Almighty God. He, the Propitiation, is the way which we may receive the remission of sin and reconciliation. He, the life, is the way by which we rise into fellowship with him and mature into his image.

He is that which is paradoxical, but true withal. This heavenward way is characterized by breadth. It is the broad “Highway” the opened road, along which all traveler are free to pass. There is no such exclusiveness about it as often found in the way we construct. It is for all classes and races of mankind, for men who have lived all kinds of human lives, for men of all tempter and disposition, the King’s highway has ample room for all races of people. This highway is all so characterized by narrowness. “And a highway,” path, elevated and narrow causeway along which only one are two can walk abreast. About this way of life there is a narrowness of its own. Its gateway is Connolly enter by one at a time. Men do not enter into the kingdom of God in groups or great numbers, but separate and individual souls. No man can enter in with inflated pride, or carrying vices with him, or cloaked about with selfishness. This road is “The highway of holiness,” the unclean shall not pass over it.

This highway is also characterized by directness, A man, “though a fool, shall not err therein”, there is no serious difficulty here. Mysteries there are which are insoluble, but these can be left alone, they will keep for a future time. But the will of God is in Jesus, how he would have us order our life, what manner of men we ought to be in order to please him, this is clear and plain as it could be. The little child, the man who is little than a “fool” need not miss his way in traveling to the heavenly city.

The Scripture declares, “no lion shall be there”. Yes there is a adversary along our way to that heavenly city. The evil one himself, as a roaring lion, haunts the path of life. There will be found no temptation which belongs peculiarly and especially to the heavenward way, as in the case with other path. In the path of financial success is the lion of covetousness or greed. In the path of fame is that of vanity. But in the way of holiness is no especial “lion” which frequents that path. Yes there is fellowship with the holy, and the redeemed shall walk there.” Above all fellowship with Jesus himself, “He shall be with them.”

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