Evil times are not for ever

These are evil days in which we live. We may ask the question, who can we trust, who can we put our confident in, who is honest and upright in our day? We are finding that the rule today is, who can get to who first? The all mighty dollar seems to have the control of most people today.

The scripture tells us that the love of money is the root of evil. People will kill, steal, lie and step on their best friends regardless of how much hurt it bring to them. We have noticed that if you done have money are a big name in this world you seem to be s no body. What most people seen to forget is that it is the common people that keeps things moving in the world. The love for money will produce evil desires in a person’s life if they do not keep their desires under control.

All of us have desires that would get us in to trouble with our fellowman and God if we did not keep a check on them. We can thank God for his Spirit being in the world today. All that is good come from God and as long as his Spirit is here in this world there will be righteousness. If Satan had complete control of this world it would be a terrible place to live.

Without double all evil come from Satan and where Satan is working there are same terrible things happening, rather it be in government, are in religion, are in the heart of a person. Satan has worked through man to bring such an evil society as we have today. There is two things that this world is destine for, and I promise you it will come. First, the coming of our Lord to receive unto himself a people that has made themselves ready for him.

A people that is willing to live for God in this evil generation as this, and I assure you that a Christian person is tried from all points, you can rest assure God is going to receive his people unto himself. Secondly, judgment, that’s right, evil man, God is going to bring you before all mankind and judge you for all your evil deeds in this life. Just as sure as God is going to handed out rewards for the good deeds of the Christians people, God will handed out his judgment to the wicked. Evil days may prevail for a season, but not for ever.

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